M 80-T.2 MFC Full Stone Multipurpose Ovens (Master Series)

Deck 2
Inner Dim. (mm) 820X1000X180
Outer Dim. (mm) 1290x1340x1850
Power (KW) 21,5 kW 3 NAC / 400V
Weight 565 kg
Capacity 40x40cm 8 Tray, 80x40cm 4 Tray, 60x40cm 6 Tray

Full Stone

Egs Master Ovens can be used to bake for all kinds of products. It is baking and cooking expert for various products from pizzas to fishes, vegetable foods to meat dishes, assorted casseroles and of course all kinds of bakery products and bread types.

Perfect Combination

Traditional tasts and technology...

EGS Görsel
Egs Taş Fırın m80 Tepsi Kullanımı

The opportunity to use of trays in different types and quantities.

Full Efficiency

The oven uses less energy and gives a better result when baking products from their heart.


Pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, stew kind, Pastries, chicken, bread, roast and high temperature dishes, High performance and controlled power, you can cook to everything.

EGS M80 T2 MFC Opsiyonel Komple Taş Fırın Çok Amaçlı


  • 60x40cm trays with special design racks
  • Water pan for vapour
  • 90°C Thermostat control
  • Halogen Illumination

Tüm Ek Özellikler

Weight 565 kg
Dimensions 1290 × 1340 × 1850 cm
Power (KW)
Control Panel

Digital, Optional


Available, Optional

Why EuroGastroStar?

Traditional tastes introduced with excellent technology

EGS-EuroGastroStar ,proudly exports its products to five continents from Izmir, primarily to Europe.

In addition, it has become a well-known and sought-after global brand with the importance it attaches to quality production and customer satisfaction.

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