Anodized Aluminium Pizza Trays

APT-40 Alüminium Pizza Tray Ø40cm
APT-35 Alüminium Pizza Tray Ø35cm
APT-30 Alüminium Pizza Tray Ø30cm
APT-25 Alüminium Pizza Tray Ø25cm
APT-20 Alüminium Pizza Tray Ø20cm

Quality Auxiliary Equipment.

All products with EGS quality.

egs pizza bicaklari

Tüm Ek Özellikler

Why EuroGastroStar?

Traditional tastes introduced with excellent technology

EGS-EuroGastroStar ,proudly exports its products to five continents from Izmir, primarily to Europe.

In addition, it has become a well-known and sought-after global brand with the importance it attaches to quality production and customer satisfaction.

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